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X-Bionic Energy Accumulator 4.0 Patriot Pantaloni 3/4 Uomo, switzerland

ID: 1043654
€ 139,-
€ 129,99
- € 9,01
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X-Bionic Energy Accumulator 4.0 Patriot Pantaloni 3/4 Uomo, switzerland
X-Bionic Energy Accumulator 4.0 Patriot Pantaloni 3/4 Uomo, austria
X-Bionic Energy Accumulator 4.0 Patriot Pantaloni 3/4 Uomo, germany
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Dettagli prodotto

Siamo spiacenti, ma al momento non è disponibile alcuna descrizione. Il testo è in elaborazione.

With the Energy Accumulator it’s now come down to precision work. X-Bionic aren’t changing the entire concept, but they just hammer away on each small detail. If you optimise the single features, you end up improving the entire system. It’s not about an entire revolution anymore. When it comes to functional apparel, that was already accomplished by the Energy Accumlator. This is now all about evolution.

The patented ThermoSyphon structure adds an extra dimension to the special properties of the 3D Bionic Sphere system: Y-shaped elements support natural thermodynamics and thus improve sweat management.

3D-Bionic Sphere System
Leaves residual moisture on the skin that the body does not interpret as dampness. We have no sensors for sweat. We can only perceive sweat mechanically once drops form and begin to trickle down. Only at that point do we register “wet”. Sweat Traps absorb this moisture before it is felt, drawing it away to be evaporated and disposing of it through thermal dynamics. Only a thin film of moisture remains on the skin. Cooling is of course not possible without moisture.

Ideally designed, ergonomically optimized. The ergonomically optimized waistband with a higher cut line in the back area keeps the garment in place even with constant movement.

Innerlap AirConditioning Zone
In terms of muscle performance, the inner thigh is less reactive to cold. We all instinctively know this: When our hands are cold, we put them between our thighs to warm them up, helping us re-establish our overall sense of warmth more quickly. The Innerlap AirConditioningZone has been placed in this area. It is a finely knit fabric mesh with zero insulation. Cooling therefore occurs initially through the exchange of air. As soon as sweat has started to evaporate, the cooling process steps it up a notch since the activation system lies directly next to the skin.

Air-Conditioning Channel
The Air-Conditioning Channel is a ventilation system of channels that flow around the body, continuously carrying away moisture and warmth. This allows for fresh air circulation for more performance improvement.

Expansion Ribs
Expansion Ribs knitted fabric fold apart based on the accordion principle, insuring that cold doesn’t cool down the elbows. Even when sharply bent during activity, the insulating effect is maintained through warm air that is already stored in the interior. The flexibility of this technology and elasticity of the yarn allow for the freedom of movement.

Air Conditioning Spot
As the hollows of the knees sweat quickly and strongly, a fine, round netting knit is incorporated. With the help of body heat, the sweat is wicked away, where it finally evaporates without any risk of cooling down.


  • Two-stage Front 3D Bionic Sphere System
  • Iso pads
  • Coscia interna con AirConditioning Zone
  • air conditioning channel
  • Air-Guides Air ducts
  • Isolation pads
  • Expansion Ribs
  • Partial compression
  • Air conditioning spot
  • Aktiv-Bund
  • Taglia dalla vestibilità normale Mostra tabella taglie
  • Taglio sportivo e aderente
Intimo 3/4  
Termofunzione: No
Imbottitura posteriore: No
Tipo di materiale: Fibre sintetiche  
78 % polyamide, 19 % polypropylene, 3 % elastane  
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